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On January 31, Ahed Tamimi, a young Palestinian activist, turned 17 years old.She did so in an Israeli jail cell, where she is facing multiple charges, including attacking soldiers after a video of her slapping an Israeli soldier went viral in December 2017.But did you know nearly 1.5 million teens experience physical abuse from a dating partner?

We want to send a message to Ahed that we are with her, we are inspired by her, and that we are fighting for her freedom."Israelis occupy parts of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, areas that Palestinians claim a historical right to.

While Israel doesn't recognize Palestine as a nation (nor do its allies, including the United States), and asserts its settlements are legal, Palestinians disagree, hence the ongoing, often violent conflict.

This, according to If Not Now — the organization through which the protests happened — is the first time young Jewish Americans organized for Palestinians of their own age.

Ariela, one of the teens leading the action on Wednesday, tells that the protest proves American Jewish teenagers want peace for everyone — including Palestinians."There's a change happening in our community, and our generation is at the forefront of it, ready to speak up about the injustice of the Israeli Occupation," Ariela tells "Jewish American teens are applying the Jewish values we learned in Hebrew school and around Shabbat dinner tables: We must respect, protect, and honor not only Jews, but Palestinians as well.

They challenged those in the room to think honestly about their assets and to articulate their desires with directness that most women shy away from.

As a result, one attendee decided afterward to “come up with a list of my assets, what is in my ‘tool box’ so to speak.” That type of self-assured frankness is uncommon among this generation of women, yet incredibly important in interviews and salary negotiations.

Hearing an administrator’s perspective was helpful and new, according to one attendee.

Additionally, the speaker discussed a university’s legal duty to provide accurate information about their policies on this issue to all students, as well as how to confront university authorities when they shirk this responsibility.

Goodman Jewish Family Services wants to be the first line of defense, ensuring that all teenagers learn the dangers of dating violence.

Assisted by our experienced staff and KOLOT Coalition volunteers, we can tailor a presentation for your school or temple.

C., New York, Boston, and the Bay Area on January 31, If Not Now said in a press release.